Yvan Theys (1936/2005). Paintings and drawings

Yvan Theys (1936/2005). Paintings and drawings

Preview on Saturday, 11 October from 5 to 9 pm. At 6 pm, Conference of Les Mots et les Arts on the work of Yvan Theys: "paintings of the North, following Edvard Munch and James Ensor ".
09 October - 29 November 2014

“ It very seldom occurs to see on the picture rails the work of a contemporary artist display such an inspiration and such a personality.


As a Flemish painter, he worked in the vicinity of Courtrai, having the same close relationship with the country as the expressionist painters of the former generations. The qualities of his painting, sensualism, plastic strength, its wide space view, make him most surely akin to them. But this kinship does not go beyond that. Theys followed his own path and largely transcended influences. ” /…

Danièle Gillemon  - Le Soir


At the time of soliloquies often devoid of meaning, of the “ Business ” of world-wide art, of internet, of the dictatorship of the trustees and of the closure of Yvon Lambert’s gallery who wants “ to do something more humane, less oriented towards money and less price-obsessed”, so, at that time, it is reassuring to find roots again, and the strength of Yvan Theys’ creations.


Here, we are in the midst of reality, beyond speeches and beyond the ephemeral of fashions ; on the contrary, we are facing the huge work of a man who knew how to look, to listen and to be a witness of the borderline between the German and Latin worlds.

“ (…) Art is not the subject matter of my work, but it is life and human condition.”


As a creator, an educator and a master, he was able to transmit his rigour and his curiosity, to share and cast a new look on Caravage, Rubens, Van der Goes, Ensor, Munch, Moore, Matisse, Picasso…Rome, Greece, our European identity.

A work which still remains to discover and get acquainted with.


Yvan Theys, a painter (1936-2004), lived and worked in Warcoing.


Yvan Theys developed an expressionist figurative painting in which he inserted abstract elements and geometrical signs, in a way of his own. His work, which is somewhat similar to the new representation, does not fall into any precise trend. Nevertheless, we can find numerous references to his work as those of the CoBrA movement which he was close to, as well as those of elements which refer to the Bauhaus or to pointillisms. He took his inspiration from his daily life and from the scenes which surrounded him.


Yvan Theys was close to Rainier Lucassen, Alfons Freymuth, Roger Raveel, Eugène Leroy and Eugène Dodeigne.

He also influenced the glance cast by numerous architects and plasticians who came to his Saint Luc's workshop in  Tournai : Thierry Diers, Eric Dossin, François Dumoulin, Marc Dutoit, Jean-Michel Wilmotte.


The Duboys gallery devoted a personal exhibition to him in 2011.