Diers - Blue assertion

Diers - Blue assertion

19 May - 18 June 2016

 “It is because some people go on making white and dirty patches on canvasses which are stained with disorderly visions that they are necessary to us”.


I am looking at this painting.

In it I can see the dislocation of the flags, the speeches, the territories and of the people.

In it, I can see the hollowness of wars, the uselessness of slaughters, the impossibility of seeing a guiding line, a reason, a sort of thought in the verbal unendless stream of news in the media and in the telephone networks. Painting also helps to enable us to stand aloof from the flow. ../..


I remained standing in front of this painting for a long time. I also happen to stay for a long time in front of a blade of grass or in a conversation with a lonely cloud. I imagine that new born children, dying people, drug addicts or people that are going to be shot dead are to see this sort of things also before the salvo. It is because they deprive us of these marvels that the politicians, the ideologists, the experts and the journalists in a hurry leave us totally unconcerned.

Pierre Bongiovanni, Art critic and founder of the Opossum review


Painting with Diers is a plastic and sentimental event, it has already all the qualities of the “Gesamkunstwerk”, the absolute work of art as Wagner described it, it moves the senses of Man, but also his spirit and his soul as well. Thierry Diers in fact resumes the ancient kandiskian mission, in which painting establishes a “communication between the souls” thanks to a language that only the heart, the spirit and the guts will be able to decipher – much better in any case than rationality. What the artist does with his paintings is to project his “inner self side”, a phrase which was found by another artist who was at the crossroads of Belgian and French paths : Henri Michaux. Thierry Diers paints what is in the depths of his inner self, hoping to find there what will link him up to the other men.


Nicolas-Xavier Ferrand, Art historian



Thierry DIERS, born in Dunkirk (Dunkerque) in 1954.

Lives and works in Paris.


After studying in Belgium, Thierry Diers arrives in Paris in 1978 and displays his works in the Paris exhibitions from the 1980 years onward, collaborates with the Drawing Gallery (Claire Burrus, Marie-Hélène Montenay), the Jacob Gallery (Denise Renard) and the Diane Manière Gallery. He is one of the pioneers of the artists’ associations “Matter to” and “Art of Walking”.


From 1988 to 2010, whilst pursuing his creations in his workshop, he puts the concept of the “contractor artist” into practice and establishes a narrow relationship between the world of enterprise and contemporary creation.


From 1988 to 2010, he exhibits in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Mongolia and collaborates with the Apicella Gallery in Cologne and the Vanram Gallery in Ghent.

In 2010, Thierry Diers federates a group of collectors and creates the Duboys Gallery (Paris, 3rd district) which he is the artistic director.