Noëlle Koning et Benloy

Noëlle Koning et Benloy

Opening, Thursday November 7, 2013Noëlle Koning and Benloy, a painter and a photographer. A colourful intensity facing the restraint of black and white, two creations which answer each other.
31 October - 07 December 2013

Noëlle Koning’s canvasses appeal to us and can create repulsion because of its colourful intensity. You need to let you envelop in the space which separates us from the surface of her canvasses in order to discover a universe with familiar atmospheres which reminds us of Bonnard’s and Valoton’s intimacy combined with northern expressionism ! Light and material, then tears and compositions which slowly come to us.


As far as Benloy’s photographies are concerned, you need to slide into the picture to live the intimacy of experiences, atmospheres and looks. Furtive moments we happened to witness and which Benloy is gifted to grasp and fix out of the running of time.


Noëlle Koning


First there is the effervescence of colours and signs but you must not stop at this stage because of the risk of remaining at the surface of the work. You have to enter her universe and agree to travel.

Noëlle Koning works in a closed space in the middle of a workshop which is flooded with light and remembrances. She kneels down there in the midst of papers turned to pieces which have been painted in the long time, which she explores, questions and organizes on her canvas. She finds, removes, searches for moments of life which she catches unawares and maybe understands. She merges into her material in her search for a composition which unveils itself wholly in lightness and a delicate balance.

Torn up papers, breaking off the pleasure of painting surfaces devoid of texture, coloured spots and rhythms.  A ritual in itself, Noëlle enters time and remembrances, fight and pleasure.


A painter, Noëlle Koning lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

The Cambre, Brussels,

Winner prize “Belgian Young Painting” in 1985 and 1986.

Winner of the SPES Foundation (Australia Project) in 1996,

Winner of the SPES Foundation in 2001.




Benloy’s photographies deal with simple themes : children, landscapes and portraits. In them, she evokes the human and the sensitive elements, real-life experiences ; she offers us photographies which are far away from effects and fashions.

As a very discreet person, she first observes, then she approaches the subjects with precision in a silent efficiency.

Like an actress, she steps into the subject without imposing herself and she knows how to change the picture into a dialogue. Benloy has an intimate relationship with her photographies and her concerns are close to those of a painter ; she needs to understand the subject, then she adds the making and the pleasure of the material while developing her works. Benloy pauses on events and moments in order to offer pictures which bewitch us slowly and fulfil our dreams.


A photographer and an actress, Benloy lives and works in Montreuil.

Véra Gregh’s course

ENSATT, Blanche street, Paris

Royal Academy in Leuven