Nathalie Hugues

Nathalie Hugues "Dragnet"

Preview, January, Thursday, 28th Nature is present, wild areas, the stillness of the first photographs when the exposure overshadowed the living matter.
29 January - 27 February 2016

Despite the simplicity of my pictures at first sight, one yields quickly to the evidence of the presence of a lurking threat. The presence of what is not represented in the picture and which makes the link to the off-camera dreadful.
Nathalie Hugues

If one casts short glances at Nathalie Hugues’s paintings, one remains on the surface of her works and misses an experience. To approach the world of her canvasses, as one enters a cinema, one needs to take time, to open the doors and sit down in a semi-darkness.

Then silence settles and the show starts : a journey.

Nature is present, wild areas, the stillness of the first photographs when the exposure overshadowed the living matter. Something has just happened and there only remains the thickness of time, the tension and the scent. The mark of man’s slow work which offers itself to the one who knows how to observe.


For “After the party”, we can see the flags and the silence in the recollection of the dancing floors in our villages. In “Hôpital”, there is a sign which is embedded in the hollow of the green vale of an inaccessible rock-island. “Le lac” is the memory of a walk or of a film. It is dark, the deep waters are black and in the distance the ridges are lit up by the reflection of the moonlight, a few small boats moored in a line bring to the foreground the modernity of a ghostly dinghy ready to leave. Everything is on the go and can start and happen !
                                                                                                                                                                                             Thierry Diers



…/ The light itself smells of the sea, the volumes of the rocks are stretched out towards us, towards the abyss indeed…And then there is a sensation of cold, but it isn’t a symbolic cold, it is like the weather, like the climate, today it is freezing cold, at least it feels like it. There is a great freedom in the treatment of the matter but it does not convey the impression of weakness, on the contrary it gives the sensation of a solid which imperceptibly moves along and which nevertheless never stops “retracing its steps”, merging thus into the rest. I find it interesting because the movement which is assumed or the sliding impression does not symbolize a gesture, does not assume there is an onlooker who, while acknowledging the gesture (which his eyes testify) could possibly crouch down to look at these men and these mountains as if they were dedicated to him…/
                                                                                                                                                                           Nicolas Bergamaschi

Nathalie Hugues
(1981), a plastician and film-maker, lives and works in Marseille.


After a Master in Visual Arts and Design, she gets into the ESADMM, the Art School in Marseille where she graduated “summa cum laude” in 2010. She works mainly on the question of landscape in contemporary painting. Her work has been displayed in many private and public exhibitions. She receives a grant to encourage creation from the PACA DRAC in 2014 and a financial aid from the CNAP. She teaches in the public workshops of the Art School in Marseille.

From 2012 onwards she has developed an activity in film making and with Nicola Bergamaschi. Their films have been distributed in festivals but also in galleries.

In 2016, prizewinner of the HORS LES MURS programme in residence at the French Institute.