"KILOMETRES"...entity after entity, endlessly to infinity

Recent works by Konrad LODER, a German plastic sculptor
13 October -

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH2W9fAYPnI Recent works by Konrad LODER, a German plastic sculptor.
“Kilometres…” from this universal unite of measure, Konrad Loder draws a personal and original approach. The artist has stored up and strung chronologically the bottle caps of his own drinks getting thus a rope which draws a spiral. The centre dates back to 1997, the outward cap is dated of the present day. The rest is to be created : the buyer to be will become an accomplice to the project. Each year, by putting the work up to date, he will have new indications about the artist’s production…

This work of art like all those which are displayed in the Duboys Gallery for this exhibition combine in this way imagination and reality. The conception and implementation of these uncommon objects invite to an endless series, but daily life forces its reality. From then on, it invites the spectator to check the aim – perhaps,” kilometres” is but an imaginary unit of measure ?

In the gallery the visitor discovers other assemblages of kilometres of trash goods collected in a so to speak obsessional way : beer caps, wooden sticks, worn out tyres, rusty nails, marrow bones…The assemblage is done with a very strict and mathematical organization, like that of Möbius’ ribbon, which Konrad Loder also draws from his observation and his study of Nature, from the atom to the cosmos, like those submitted to the Golden Section or Archimedes’ spiral… If the artist insists on the creative process of each of his works, he lays it open to accident, to the hazards of the technique, thus intermingling it with humour and poetry.