Florent Girard

Florent Girard

Preview on Thursday, September 10 …/…Florent Girard is a painter to his finger-tips, to the bottom of his thinking. His/these canvasses show it throughout the whole of his researches and cares in a field which is always open and without the least confinement, no repetition, no making, no manner nor style. Florent Girard is a true painter. François Martin New-York – June 2015
05 September - 17 October 2015

In 2013, we exhibited a comprehensive work of Florent Girard’s canvasses inspired by the suburbs of our towns. They were drawings filtered through data processing before being transposed into painting, going and seeking for the writing of experienced feelings. The hand and the painting were giving birth to the frozen image of modernity.


“To the surface of language” is the title of the series presented by Florent Girard, a series of paintings to tell rather than to speak.


Data processing, at the basis of his creation of pictures, has become more discreet ; Florent Girard worked face to face with the canvas and the freedom of painting. “I have left more space to what the canvas was enforcing when I was working.” His strict compositions come from his interest in exploring intuitions, from his processes of thought and his workshop accidents. In them he extends his encounters and his story, the words which never meet so much apart our adventures leave them. Messages remaining at the very end, at the surface of language and which painting releases. Some of them are big size ones, a few of them are smaller, fading experiences now dried up with the process of time, mixed in a range of colours and shapes. Lines and windings which are moving about and link us to the space of the canvasses. No speech, no title to accompany us but reference numbers to leave everyone free to start up again and rediscover the words which could not find any echo.


In these canvasses one can recognize affiliations without succeeding to name them. Florent offers us a personal process of thought which takes risks, ventures itself and leads us far from the melancholy of good taste. Retreated in Normandy, he lives free and sheltered from the traps of fashion.


Inventive, simple and efficient compositions which carry us away. We find in them Northern and American influences, pleasure, liberty and the adequate sizes to escape. The emergence of a world which is building itself.


“This sensitive experience had to be turned into a material one”.

Thierry Diers
Paris - June 2015

Florent Girard (1989) lives and works in Fécamp.

He studied at the High School of Art and Design in Le Havre and Rouen and at the High School of Arts in Liège in Belgium.