Group Show

Group Show

Joël Brisse,Juliette Dominati,Bernard Gaube,Florent Girard, Nathalie Hugues,Franck Longelin,Noëlle Koning,Keita Mori.
27 April - 14 May 2016

Joël BRISSE (1953) - Painter, writter and actor, lives and works in Paris.

A painter, Joël Brisse extends the identity of one French painting in his work and links the masters of the Orsay Museum to the contemporary explorations of the Tokyo Palace. He is an affable man, a man of our times, prompted by curiosity and listening. Such attitudes as led him to develop his gift for writting, for scenarii and the cinema.

(1990) - Painter, photographer, film director and scriptwritter, lives and works in Paris.

Juliette Dominati is interested in the appearance and disappearance of natural and sacred forms. Perhaps her love for all kind of fragments comes from how they take on at once their incapacity, their failure of absolute ? that they have been taken and displaced ? and also how they suppose something existed as a whole. The observation of primitive fresco, the quattrocento, religious art, and the contemplation of available bodies in nature, trees, rocks, lead the artist to make sensitive objects opened to a calm and soothing mystery.

Bernard GAUBE (1952) - Belgian painter, lives and works in Brussels.

Bernard Gaube is an atypical painter. His work does not look like any other one, it does not belong to any trend or any particular current, it is mainly a recurrent questioning about the painting we could describe as post-modern insofar as it encompasses a large part of the pictorial progress carried out throughout the last century, taken up in personal and original formulations.

Florent GIRARD (1989) - Painter, lives and works in Fecamp.

With Florent Girard, we are in discovery, into an evolving plan. There is a greedy curiosity, sparks with organised paths restoring captured moments, pieces of realities, topographies and volumes of urban outskirt areas. Memories he needs to question, discover and reconstruct.
To note down and set down on notebooks, to mix disrupted developing areas with computer graphics, to achieve a draft and give it a breath by means of the coming back to the studio, in the action of painting and in the matter. An interesting process where hand and painting come to an end and give birth to the frozen image of modernity.

Nathalie HUGUES
(1981) - Plastic artist and film director, lives and works in Marseille.

If one casts short glances at Nathalie Hugues's paintings, one remains on the surface of her works and misses an experience. To approach the world of her canvasses, as one enters a cinema, one needs to take time, to open the doors and sit down in a semi-darkness.
Then silence settles and the show starts: a journey.

Noëlle KONING (1960) - Belgian painter, lives and works in Brussels.

First there is the effervescence of colours and signs but you must not stop at this stage because of the risk of remaining at the surface of the work. You have to enter her universe and agree to travel.
Noëlle Koning works in a closed space in the middle of a workshop which is flooded with light and remembrances. she kneels down there in the midst of papers turned to pieces which have been painted in the long time, which she explores, questions and organizes on her canvas. She finds, removes, searches for moments of life which she catches unawares and maybe understands. She merges into her material in her search for a composition which unveils itself wholly in lightness and a delicate balance.
Torn up papers, breaking off the pleasure of painting surface devoid of texture, coloured spots and rhythms. A ritual in itself, Noëlle enters time and remembrances fight and pleasure.

Franck LONGELIN (1956) - Painter, lives and works in Boulogne-sur-Mer

"If the works of Franck Longelin are powerful, it is because they know how to absorb with violence, sweetness, the fundamental features of the human psyche, while raising them until the universal. They are the reflection of what we are, of what we were or of the fact that we could be".
Frédéric Cuvillier.

Keita MORI (1981) - Japanese painter, lives and works in Paris.

Since 2011, Keita Mori creates drawings with a unique technique of cotton threads fixed on paper by using a glue gun. The threads form lines without variations, uniform like frontiers. The artis creates spaces by the accumulation and tangling of threads: objects, systems in which fissures - or "bugs", as he calls them - reveal shattered areas, ever in motion as if only provisional.