Eric de Tarragon, Marion Bataillard

Eric de Tarragon, Marion Bataillard

Opening, Thursday March 19, 6-8 pm
14 March - 18 April 2015

For this exhibition we present Marion Bataillard’s and Eric de Tarragon’s works. Paintings which are united by representation and whose proximity stops there so personal are their own worlds.


Marion Bataillard observes and bears witness to the world with a lively look. Some time ago, her subjects turned into big frescoes illustrating scenes ; there were ‘Ripailles’, ‘Bacchanales’, huge, lofty and disturbing works. Then intimist works followed : scenes, still-life paintings and portraits on wood panels. Here, Marion offers us dialogues which arise from the observation of daily instants she catches up ‘in situ’ and unveils to us before they escape. Paintings full of bliss, of rigour and sensibility, stops on fleeting instants of time.


Eric de Tarragon plays with forms and matter, assembles them with a style and an accuracy in the details which traps us in its rendering while it only extends the questioning of his abstractions. His captious realism follows after tasks and movement, the density of renderings serves strong diptychs which join together discordant worlds into a whole endowed with delusive appearances : a cartridge pouch / steel bars, parpens / tree barks…. He plays with the diversity of universes in the construction of contraries and he may thus prove the evolution of things, of a world which is building up silently. Thierry Diers



Marion Bataillard (1983), a painter, lives and works in Montluçon.

A graduate from the Fine Arts School of Strasbourg and from HGB in Leipzig (Germany). She lived between Berlin and Montluçon for 7 years. Exhibitions in France and Germany, numerous invitations to residences. Purchases by the Limousin Frac and by private collectors.


Eric de Tarragon (1963), a painter, lives and works in Paris.

Graduated from the Fine Arts School of Paris, Eric de Tarragon displayed works in France, Switzerland, Germany, Koweit, Egypt and Canada. The Lucien Durand’s gallery presented him to the FIAC (90, 92, 93, 94) and an important exhibition at the Contemporay Art Centre in Montbéliard was devoted to him. His work can be seen in museums, institutions, companies and private collectors.