Unveiled art works from Thierry Diers. 40 years' expression on various supports.
09 December - 11 February 2012

The “Dess(e)in” exhibition unveils Thierry Diers’ productions which have never been shown to
the public before. These designs are to be found on all sorts of supports : drawing paper,
cardboard, canvas, fabric but also on glass… and reveal the turmoil of a boiling creativity.

From dessein (intent) to dessin (drawing)... such is the reflection led by the Art theoreticians from the Ancient Greeks' Idea to the Latins' Exempla, on to the il disegno and il Concetto of the Renaissance Italians. Design is the Idea, the project which is in the artist's mind and whose hand is going to convey upon a medium or in the material.

The Galerie Duboys published a monograph devoted to Thierry Diers in October 2010, Archibook Editions and a catalog fro this exhibition Dess(e)in, in December 2011, Galerie Duboys Editions.