Gaube "Considering the picture..."

Preview on Thursday, 22 october, 18-20 pm From 22 October to 28 November 2015
22 October - 28 November 2015

A free painting

Bernard Gaube is an atypical painter. His work does not look like any other one, it does not belong to any trend or any particular current, it is mainly a recurrent questioning about the painting we could describe as post-modern insofar as it encompasses a large part of the pictorial progress carried out throughout the last century, taken up in personal and original formulations.

While working on portrait, self-portrait, landscape, the nude, while approaching abstraction or still life, Bernard Gaube, who knows how he can be a bold and creative colouriste, does not only reinterpret these traditional subjects but he inquires about them, he analyses them, breaks the codes, he moves away from representation for the benefit of pure expression, he sometimes combines the whole lot to show that after all painting as a whole is One, such as in ‘We are the 99 % - Like my Home’. In a word, without pretending to be an iconoclast, he reinvents the pictorial genres through the pleasure of practising them freely.

His painting is a real blessing which constantly challenges all the principles and standards, which harms the theories and offers itself the opportunity of being itself above all, free to be, free from any fantasy and free to be interpreted.

Bernard Gaube’s paintings clear up look and spirit.

Claude Lorent – La Libre Belgique, 2013

Bernard Gaube, a Belgian painter, born in 1952 in Kisantu (Congo), lives and works in Brussels. He devoted himself to ceramics between 1972 and 1980. Self-educated, from 1979 onwards, his main activity has become painting which he has been practising from then on continuously, looking tirelessly for the expression of his own self.

From 1995 to 2001, he gave lectures within the International Summer Academy in Libramont.
Then he was a lecturer at the High School of Visual Arts in Mons. He exhibits his work in Liege, Brussels, Ostend, Namur, Freiburg, Mons, Ghent…but also in Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Montreal, Cologne.

His works are displayed in many private and public collections in Belgium and abroad.