Alexandra Duprez

Alexandra Duprez

The human face is in the heart of my work, a human face which interacts with elements of varied natures – animal, vegetable ones/..
18 March - 23 April 2016

“The human face is in the heart of my work, a human face which interacts with elements of varied natures – animal, vegetable ones…

These connections and contrasts, these juxtapositions and erasures stage a restricted number of “fragments of pictures” which I visit again in every painting and which I make up year after year”.


Alexandra Duprez


This collection of canvasses looks like a book whose words are buried in the matter in order to protect its mysteries.

Alexandra Duprez proposes to us works which one can approach as the memory of tales which were read to us when we were small children, when everything was simple and when we easily sank into sleep and dreams. Pauses in time and stories which today fill our subconscious with forgotten voices, warm breaths, rhythms and silences. They are the memories of our fears and of our smiles which are for ever buried deep under our sheets and which Alexandra draws and paints on the surface of her canvasses.



A dull paint of blue, red and white colours which first cover up but also blend into one another so that “fragments of pictures” may appear: one arm, some eyes, horses and harts. Impressions away from weightlessness, neither top nor bottom, the dream turns round, becomes entangled, dances and jostles about. Heads bent down, shadows, men, women, riders, bubbles of sounds, matters, networks which guide us and link us to a forgotten world elsewhere. One must come and discover this work, brush the canvas with one’s fingers at the right distance in order to save the secret by taking care of the wave of time.

Thierry Diers, February 2016



Alexandra Duprez (1974)


During a stay in Australia, Alexandra Duprez discovers the Aborigenes’ painting and takes to painting herself. After she has come back, she attends classes at the Art School in Quimper during three years. She then settles in Douarnenez, where she is still living and working.


Since 1998, she has regularly exhibited her paintings in different galleries: Pierre-Marie Vitoux in Paris, Pierre Hallet and Pascal Polar in Brussels, Anton Meier in Geneva.


Since 2007, she has worked with the Esperluète Belgian publisher: “Pour ne plus jamais perdre”, “Les choses m’arrivent hors du temps”, “Les cerfs”, “1000 moments de dessin”.