Group show, artists of the gallery. Joël Brisse, Denis Brun, Fabien Charuau, Thierry Diers, Bernard Gaube, Florent Girard, Bernard Guillot, Noëlle Koning, Franck Longelin, Eric de Tarragon, Erlend Van Landeghem.
04 December - 17 January 2015

Joël Brisse (1953) - Painter and cinéma director, lives and works in Paris.

« What Joël is looking for is not the subject. There is here a whole unity that is looking at us, that comes with us and bears witness in productions, a unique refined scenery almost in the midst of emptiness, behind a tree,related to strange objects or still lives, remembrances of places and meetings. Painting which is fraught with the questions asked to the world that the painter puts on his canvas ».

Denis Brun (1966) - Plastic artist, lives and works in Marseille.

" I like relating stories with diverse and varied elements which find their origin in my daily life. I try to divert them from their first utility to create a story where we can find ourself face to face with us and project our own imagination ".


Fabien Charuau - Plastic artist, photographer and videaste, lives and works in Bombay (India).

Fabien Charuau is a Bombay-based visual artist working thus far with photography and vidéo A confluence of two worlds, the one he was born in and the one he lives in, defines his visual identity.

« At every kilometer mark, I would shoot three images on three film cameras – one of the road, another of a person I met there and the third of something from the surroundings ».

Thierry Diers (1954) - Plastic artist and painter, lives and works in Paris.

Thierry Diers is a painter whose work arises from necessity and blends into him. In it, he tells us about space and time, about his search for the right image. An attempt at translating themes and experiences which can only come to life thanks to accepted chaos and disposal. He fears repetitions and virtuosity, slowly creating a work he is building every day, looking for fragile discoveries which will become indispensable in the long run, far from impressions, in flickering light.


Bernard Gaube (1952) - Painter, lives and works in Bruxelles (Belgium)

“His work is structured around numerous self-portraits, nude figures painted from living models, huge compositions where the carrying out of composition, repentance, grid, deliberately appear… A sometimes evanescent touch, hardly covered with pictorial material, as if crayoned with pastel, in tight, oblique or horizontal strokes : a search on the surface of the canvas, outlined shapes”. 


Florent Girard (1989) - Painter, lives and works in Normandie.

With Florent Girard, we are in discovery, into an evolving plan. There is a greedy curiosity, sparks with organised paths restoring captured moments, pieces of realities, topographies and volumes of urban outskirt areas. Memories he needs to question, discover and reconstruct.

To note down and set down on notebooks, to mix disrupted developing areas with computer graphics, to achieve a draft and give it a breath by means of the coming back to the studio, in the action of painting and in the matter. An interesting process where hand and painting come to an end and give birth to the frozen image of modernity.


Bernard Guillot (1950) - Painter and photograph, lives and works in Paris et in Cairo (Egypt).

There is matter, the paper and the colour ; we float and skim over the picture. The subject questions us, the shades stroke the mind, everything is curiosity and wraps us up. We are eager to know, to know everything and yet prevent the silence from tearing the dream. Bernard offers us a space, links us to secret roots that we can at last catch sight of. They appear, well-known instants and moments ; are they our distant relatives or our doubles ? Just like a parallel wave, a story goes on.


Noëlle Koning (1960) - Painter, lives and works in Bruxelles (Belgium)

First there is the effervescence of colours and signs but you must not stop at this stage because of the risk of remaining at the surface of the work. You have to enter her universe and agree to travel.

Noëlle Koning works in a closed space in the middle of a workshop which is flooded with light and remembrances. She kneels down there in the midst of papers turned to pieces which have been painted in the long time, which she explores, questions and organizes on her canvas. She finds, removes, searches for moments of life which she catches unawares and maybe understands. She merges into her material in her search for a composition which unveils itself wholly in lightness and a delicate balance. Torn up papers, breaking off the pleasure of painting surfaces devoid of texture, coloured spots and rhythms. A ritual in itself, Noëlle enters time and remembrances, fight and pleasure.

Franck Longelin (1956) - Painter, lives and works in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

"If the works of Franck Longelin are powerful, it is because they know how to absorb with violence, sweetness, the fundamental features of the human psyche, while raising them until the universal. They are the reflection of what we are, of what we were or of the fact that we could be "

Eric de Tarragon (1963) - Painter, lives and works in Paris.
They are paintings split in two. Upright. In the horizontal. Shared, divided, cut. Always in the center. Right in the middle. Quite consisted so: in two different, equivalent images, and which seem to have been brought back the one to the other one accidentally as much as out of necessity. Of this ratio came into a  tense painting, violent and ambiguous, which repeats, until tiredness, the matrix scene of the creation of the world "

Erlend van Landeghem (1965) - Plastic artist, lives and works in Ghent (Belgium)

With Erlend Van Landeghem, we have the modernity of a tradition which clings to his history and offers us a set of volumes of an infinite richness. Carnival, masks or blind men guiding one another, we rediscover Bosch’s, Hals’s, Brueghel’s or Ensor’s Flanders.

Erlend splits up and experiments : paper, glass, polyester and silicone. He makes discoveries and takes us in his vessel for a voyage. Let us join in the dance where volumes, colours, light and tearings cut across one another. An intelligence which questions and fulfils. A happiness which nurtures on the pleasure of touching and dreaming. Come and join in this voyage, creation is part of it !