Joël Brisse

Joël Brisse

Opening, Thursday March 21 2013, 5-9pm A painter, Joël Brisse extends the identity of one French painting in his work and links the masters of the Orsay Museum to the contemporary explorations of the Tokyo Palace. He is an affable man, a man of our times, prompted by curiosity and listening. Such attitudes as led him to develop his gift for writing, for scenarii and the cinema.
21 March - 04 May 2013

In this exhibition, it is his painter’s work that we are displaying, creations that have been nourished by his observations and experiences as a film-maker. Here, in the solitude of the studio, no need of a consensus for a script or for techniques. Joël plays with the time, his brush puts a halt to moments and isolates the subject. It is no more a luminous animation that finally goes out. We are in an alchemy, in a mystery.

Trusting a job the techniques of which he knows, Joël welcomes the coming to light of instants built in remembrances and feelings. The subject appears and a questioning blurs the picture, a moment which flees away to get fixed and become eternity. The works are there open and available. Face to face questioning of women’s gaze. The mystery is between us and the canvas and it is not submitted to a particular technique. The moments are both permanent and swinging, without a set rhythm. Solemnity, nostalgia of a time that goes by, inscribed in a silent face to face trapped by the matter and the alchemy of combinations.

What Joël is looking for is not the subject. There is here a whole unity that is looking at us, that comes with us and bears witness in productions, a unique refined scenery almost in the midst of emptiness, behind a tree, related to strange objects or still lives, remembrances of places and meetings. Painting which is fraught with the questions asked to the world that the painter puts on his canvas.

Why is not the question, he had to, that’s all. The joy of living, nostalgia. Simply happy to witness sublime moments which represent an extension of ourselves. It is not only beautiful but necessary. This halt was necessary.
Thierry Diers, January 2013

Joël Brisse, born in Vichy in 1953, is a painter, a writer and an actor. He graduated from the National Art College in Clermont-Ferrand in 1980. First exhibition at Egidio Alvaro’s Diagonale gallery. He has worked with “Zig Zag dans la Savane”, a group of trans-disciplinary artists which intervened in disused places. In 1985, Bernard Lamarche Vadel showed his painting at the Claudine Breguet gallery. He shared many experiences and residences with the painter Bernard Cousinier and the sculptors Léo Delarue and Vincent Barré. A book : “In quarto, words from a studio” reflected this common experience. In 1995, he worked with his companion, Marie Vermillard, to write “Eau douce”, a film she produced. From 1997 onwards, he has produced films for the cinema as well as videos. His short films “The clothes pegs” and “The apple, the prickly pear and the almond” have been greeted. Then he has produced “The end of the animal kingdom” in 2003 and finally “Spoken suite” in 2010 together with Marie Vermillard. He has simultaneously carried on painting and exhibiting. In 2009, the MARQ, Roger Quilliot Museum in Clermont-Ferrand, has dedicated an exhibition to his works.


Fonds national d’Art contemporain, FRAC Ile de France, FRAC Auvergne, FDAC Val de Marne, Ville de Paris, Ville de Clermont-Ferrand, Ville d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, Sc C.A.V.I.A.R, Fondation Coprim, Fondation Ricard, Fondation Colas, Musée Roger Quilliot, Leepa-Rattner Museeum of Art, Torton Springs, Floride.